Moniker Guitars

I got to spend a week with one of Moniker’s latest—a dual humbucker model with a chambered body. The fit and finish were perfect. Solid craftsmanship. - Alan Cross of, The guitar came in today and it sounds and looks amazing thank you so much. - Kenny in FL, Everything completely exceeded my expectations. You've got my future business for sure. - Daniel in TX, It's become my go to guitar for live shows and the studio. - Tito (One Step Away), It's rare and refreshing to pick up one of those guitars and be genuinely blown away by its playability tone and feel. This is sure to catch on in a big way" - Matt Noveskey (Blue October), It is ridiculously cool. - Dave in Dubai, The more guitars you add to your collection the more difficult it becomes to find new and exciting stuff. This is definitely new and exciting stuff. - The Tone King, I picked up the guitar and it plays feels and sounds sweet!...The Relic job is awesome. I know my bandmates will trip out in practice today. - Jason (Polyphase), WOW! This guitar plays feels and sounds better than any Gibson or Fender I've ever played! Absolutely amazing. The detail in the finish is phenomenal. - Monroe


Design your Moniker guitar by choosing from a wide range of parts from some of the best names in the business.