Moniker Guitars was founded in 2011 by two friends who share a maniacal obsession for playing and building electric guitars.

As young guitar players, we customized our guitars with stickers, sharpie markers and duct tape. We did it because the guitar players we looked up to did the same thing. Turns out that markers, stickers and duct tape can look terrible on a guitar. Over time we refined our methods and learned how to properly build, paint, finish and wire guitars. While doing so, we maintained the desire to create guitars that looked different from the rest.

Moniker was founded on the belief that there are other guitar players that want to own and play an instrument that is as unique as the music they make with it. Our goal is to share our passion for designing and customizing guitars by providing a website that makes designing your custom instrument easy.

In order to do this, we use all kinds of newfangled technology to reduce costs and increase our turnaround time. If you want to learn more about our build process, visit the Learn page.


When Dave's not building or playing guitars, he's driving and/or sleeping. Dave is the luthier at Moniker and has been building guitars for 8 years. The first guitar Dave tinkered with was a 1998 Epiphone Les Paul. When Dave gets ahold of the stereo at our shop, he generally plays the Phish and Perpetual Groove and Givers.


Kevin came up with the idea for Moniker Guitars while playing guitar when he was supposed to be studying for the bar exam. In addition to providing legal guidance, Kevin does graphic design, sales, marketing and promotions, social media, fundraising, accounting, customer service, public relations... When Kevin controls the music at Moniker he's likely playing Led Zeppelin, Gary Clark, Jr., or The War on Drugs.