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Anastasia Vintage Series


A double cut design with a slight offset to its shape.

Dixie Custom Series


A classic T-style guitar shape with our own spin.

Dixie Bass Custom Series

Dixie Bass

The bass version of our Dixie shape.

Far City Vintage Series

Far City

A double cut shape that features a trapeze tailpiece for a retro look.

Reedsdale Custom Series


Inspired by the classic LP-style guitar with humbuckers and a tune-o-matic bridge.

Reedsdale DC Custom Series

Reedsdale DC

A double cut version of our Reedsdale guitar shape.

Tejas Wood Top Series


Our new shape is inspired by vintage guitars and vintage cars.

Zuma Wood Top Series


A surf inspired off-set guitar shape

Zuma Bass DIY Kit - Build It Yourself

Zuma Bass

The bass version of our Zuma shape.