John Biggs Reedsdale

Tech news site has shown Moniker some love before, but this time we’re building a custom electric guitar for them so they can check us out firsthand. Here’s the sneak peak of what we’ve done so far:

John chose our Reedsdale shape and a neon green paint scheme for the neck and the body. He also added a black burst:

Here it is with all of the painting and cavity-cutting completed and ready to be wired. This particular build will be using our own Moniker pickups.

The body is also ready to be outfitted with the “Drunk” graphic pickguard which adds a cool contrast to the rest of the build and gives it some glam:

We at Moniker also had the idea of keeping the TechCrunch theme going with some custom pickguard graphics, using a similar pattern as the TC logo.

John also requested some custom headstock text which can’t be seen in the configurator image above which we’ve finished adding to the neck here:

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