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Recently we built our first Moniker bass for a the talented musician/producer and all-around super nice guy Matt Noveskey. Matt sat down with us and answered some questions about music, his new bass and his band Blue October.

Hi, my name is Matt Noveskey and I play in the band Blue October from Austin, TX.

Moniker: What was the first guitar you owned?

Matt: A Kramer Focus bass and it rocked.

M: Have you done any DIY customization of your guitars?

M: The question should be, “Have I NOT ever done any DIY customizations”. Seriously though – all the time. Usually pickups, bridges, pickguards etc. I am a huge fan of Seymour-Duncan and Aguilar pickups and preamps and Babicz FCH bridges are the best. My Moniker didn’t require any changes ‘cuz it was all made to my favorite specs.

M: What is some of your favorite gear in your rig?

My Aguilar DB751 Amp and DB series cabs are amazing, my Fender Tony Franklin PJ is so special to me,  and now my Moniker Tele/Jazz bass. Pedal-wise I love the Aguilar tonehammer, AGRO and compressor and the OLDSCHOOLFX Invisble Robot is the gnarliest distortion out there.

M: What do you look for in a bass?

M: I like low action, a smooth neck, balance, and versatility in tone. I love that ‘piano’ tone and the preamp and high output pickups really give me that. More than anything though – I like a bass to have it’s own personality. A guitar that feels and sounds dull is not for me.

M: What do you like most about your Moniker bass?

M: See above. Ha. The Moniker is super light (which I love) and still sounds HUGE. It’s got all my favorite features plus it has a very special retro look to it. The paint job is sick. And the guys had my kids sign the back of it before I picked it up – that really moved me. The guys at Moniker are a class act and they really care about what they do. Each piece is unique and they really seem to hammer that idea home.

M: What’s your favorite city to play when it comes to eating/drinking and why?

M: I would have to say Philly because they have the original cheesesteak. But I am a happy camper anywhere there is a House Of Blues on the itinerary because the shrimp and grits is soooooo good.

M: What’s your favorite new music you’re listening to now?

M: Big fan of Foals’ Holy Fire and the new Alt J record. Also loving Tori Vasquez’ album…but I am pretty biased.

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