Matt Noveskey Blue October

Recently we built our first Moniker bass for a the talented musician/producer and all-around super nice guy Matt Noveskey. Matt sat down with us and answered some questions about music, his new bass and his band Blue October. Hi, my name is Matt Noveskey and I play in the band Blue October from Austin, TX. […]

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Moniker Guitars Artists

ARTISTS SPENCER TRENT OF THE MOWGLIS’ DESIGNS A MONIKER CUSTOM GUITAR Spencer Trent plays his Moniker custom guitar in The Mowglis BEAR HANDS’ TAXI DRIVER THEMED CUSTOM MONIKER GUITAR Dylan Rau designs a Taxi Driver Themed Moniker Guitar MIKE “MCDUCK” OLSON OF LAKE STREET DIVE Michael joins our artist roster with his Moniker custom guitar

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Guitar Configurator

CLICK ONE OF THE OPTIONS BELOW TO GET STARTED Anastasia A double cut design with a slight offset to its shape. Dixie A classic T-style guitar shape with our own spin. Dixie Bass The bass version of our Dixie shape. Far City A double cut shape that features a trapeze tailpiece for a retro look.

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